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  • GHD Pure White IV Styler

    1 GHD Pure White IV Styler Le 30/03/2012

    advantage of a money clip is that they are arguably available in a nicer
  • GHD Dark Styler

    2 GHD Dark Styler Le 30/03/2012

    slimline designs which makes them feel less bulky in your pocket. Another
  • tiffany jewelry

    3 tiffany jewelry Le 30/03/2012

    uncomfortable in your pocket, and a bit of a burden to carry around for a long time.Money clips are also far less bulky than wallets, having a
  • kelly handbags

    4 kelly handbags Le 30/03/2012

    are normally pretty bulky. The sheer size can make them a little bit
  • ghd styler

    5 ghd styler Le 30/03/2012

    Now for its disadvantages. The most obvious downside of a wallet is that
  • Tiffany Charms

    6 Tiffany Charms Le 30/03/2012

    feature as men tend to carry a wallet for a large amount of the day.

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