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    Calling on the concerned men and women to create markets for jute and jute products, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina mentioned the sources could be top utilized by enhancing exports.Speaking in the opening ceremony of an international seminar on "High-yielding jute and seed production" at Dhaka, she assured that her Government would continue with its efforts to help research to create high-yielding jute varieties.Terming jutes genome structure research as a milestone within the agricultural investigation, she pointed out that the countrys scientists have unearthed the mystifying lifecycle of jutes hazardous fungus.She noted that recognition of eco-friendly jute items is rising, and in the identical time international jute demand is also on a rise, and so is Bangladeshs jute production.She noted that use of high-tech technologies, high-yielding seeds and enhanced production techniques, evolved by the Bangladesh Jute Investigation Council, have boosted Bangladeshs jute output by three.18 %, whereas the average yield has gone up by 12.5 percent.As planet s second biggest producer of raw jute, Bangladesh exports around 90 percent of its raw jute make and 60 % of domestically prepared jute goods to more than 100 countries. For the duration of last fiscal, Bangladesh earned about Tk 200 million from the jute sector, Ms. Hasina stated . She even corroborated her Governments efforts to restart Sirajganjs Jatiya Jute mill, also called Quomi Jute mill, and Khalishpur Jute mill, known as Peoples Jute mill, and added that trial productions are also getting undertaken at 3 much more jute mills, which would quickly start industrial operations.Highlighting agricultural investigation as a important area for her Government, she noted that her Government will be the initially 1 to allocate funds for research in this location. As against previous zero allocations, her Government has allocated Tk 120 million for exactly the same, she added.She expressed hope that the Agriculture Investigation Council Act 2012 would prove advantageous within the Governments efforts to boost the countrys jute sector.

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