peinture en tunisie tadelakt wax stucco valsatin peinture colores tunisia

4 - Argos - Aplicacion de Microcemento Color

rimera mano de color.application béton ciré,sibricolage la goulette tunisie kit complet 35d
Our waxed concrete decorate your walls, floors, stairs, work plans, bathrooms, shower cabins and bowls. It applies in two or three layers on all types of media (screed, screed, anhydrite, gypsum board, plaster, siporex, wood, old tiles, etc.). The gesture of the Decorator contributes to the final rendering: textured uniform, mineral, ferré appearance or aspect tadelakt. With time and maintenance without constraints, our decorative waxed concrete patina to give depth and nuance to your room.
4.5 kg poudre + 1l resine colorée

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