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Professional Virtually Dust Free Concrete Leveling For Maximum Flatness.

Take a moment to consider really what is involved for professional concrete leveling in residential settings. I know you're asking other companies about pricing, but you may not be asking them about the equipment they plan on using. That unanswered question actually will impact your bottom line the most. You see, it takes more than a 10 straight edge and a 7" hand grinder to be effective at this process. This is what the vast majority of installers own....if you're lucky. At worst, your homes contents can be destroyed by the ensuing dust if done improperly. Concrete leveling is extremely tricky, with every concrete slab so totally different than the next. It is impossible from an equipment standpoint to receive a floor which has truly been flattened without the individual or company owning extremely expensive equipment. That is why if you hire someone that only has a 7" grinder, 1 "shop vac", and 1 piece of wood or steel for a screed, your floor will not be flattened. Our equipment and methods are so effective at this process that few can compare. If you are looking for real quality and value for your money spent, then take some to see how are services will benefit you. When installing wood or other hard surfaces, manufacturers of wood flooring and laminate flooring specify that leveling concrete is important to ensure warranties. Please contact us at to see more about our professional concrete leveling services.

PLEASE NOTE: We apologize for any references to purchasing equipment, or having us install flooring that might be contained in this video, as this is incorrect! We are no longer installing floors and the equipment is not for sale. We provide the DustRam™ System service for removing old flooring dust free, including providing the DustRam™ System for floor preparation to a tolerance of 1/16" in 50 linear feet."

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